More Biogas by using PURROT® and PURUF®

Optimize the manure before gassification.

Why moving around with a lot of Water?

The potential for Biogas from Manure comes from the gasification of the medie' organic matter (VS) or Bio-Fuel. However, there are only 2-8% Bio-Fuel but 92-98% "filler" of water and minerals in raw manure! The large amount of inactive water is transported ex. to a Biogas plants over large distances (10-100 km): "both ways" !!!

Dewatering and volume reduction:

Taking instead PurFil®´ new refining basic module, PURROT® (a mechanical Vibrating Rotor/ Drum Filter with an integrated high-pressure Screw Press), in use at the farms, then with a power consumption of <2 kW-hours of current per. m3 of manure, we can reduce the transport by 75-95%, compared to move > 2/3-part of the manure` organic matter (VS) [1] dedicated to the Biogas Plant as Dry or Viscous Bio-Fuel.

The Fuel-supplier` benefits"

Just by investing in the PURROT® -module, it is possible to increase the livestock production on the same area > 35% by devoting the concentrate from the module.


Optimize the Bio-gasification:

The Bio-Fuel receiver` benefits"

Bio-Fuel delivered from the husbandry with the

VS (Volatile Solid) is always > 90% of TS (Total Solid), why the content of inert minerals etc. is limited to <10%: "Normally, the raw manure VS <70% of TS"!

Similarly, the dry matter has been "shredded" in the screw press` patented knife, so bacteria can easily transform the fine "sawdust" solids into biogas.

Manure has a low carbon/nitrogen ratio (C/N), because of the (NH4+)/(NH3)-N (Ammonia content). This reduces the biogas production since Ammonia is "toxic" to the bacteria. However, according to our EU-ETV-verification, the PURROT® concentrate contains only 8-18% of the manure`, NH4+-N, but 66% of C-carbon. The remainder NH3 will - as for the main part of the potassium content (K+) - remain on the farm: This improves the C/N ratio significantly, benefit the bacteria and biogas yield!

Recycling contra energy crops: (Improve digestion by longer residence time)
With ref. to the new EU-ETV-verification, then only the PURROT® can separate and concentrate 2/3 part of the Not fully "digested" VS from the biogas plant.

The PURROT® concentrate represent only 10-20% of the effluent from the reactor, which can then be recycled for further degassing. The last third part of VS are simultaneously small, easily degradable particles that can deliver additional biogas in a covered storage tank.

Also taking our PURUF® Ultra Filtration module in use after the PURROT® > 90% of raw manure` VS, N-org. and TP will be present in the concentrates: The benefit is in addition to an even higher C / N ratio, that we at the same time have a reduced transport cost of > 75%. This module can (like the PURROT®) be used both at the livestock farms and at the "Fuel receiver".


[1] Refer to the EU-ETV-verification report:Test report for PURROT_ver_1-4_05-05-2015, produced by AgroTech A/S, Skejby and ETA Denmark. 2015

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