Optimize the manure before gassification. Why moving around with a lot of Water? The potential for Biogas from Manure comes from the gasification of the medie' organic matter (VS) or Bio-Fuel. However, there are only 2-8% Bio-Fuel but 92-98% "filler" of water and minerals in raw manure! The large amount of inactive water is transported ex. to a Biogas plants over large distances (10-100 km): "both ways" !!!
A self-cleaning vibrating Rotor-filter integrated with a high pressure screw press. PURROT® can – ”without using chemicals”– conduct a mechanical separation which, separates organic matter and nutrients from "liquid":
The PURUF® -module is an Ultra-Filter, constructed with ceramic membranes. Normally the module further processes (separate) the liquid fraction (Filtrate) from PurFil®´ patented PURROT® -module.